Reduce the risk of selecting the wrong brand ambassadors and collaborations.

We help companies screen ambassadors and brands to avoid unwelcome surprises, and select profiles and partnerships that will benefit your brand.

Get a marketing and PR-focused due-diligence report of any public figure or brand in less than 72 hours.

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Comprehensive Background of the Selected Profile or Brand

We provide a comprehensive background of any public figure or brand, using multiple open data sources.

There will also be an executive summary for you to share with those who only need an overview.

Fake Followers and Bought Audience Engagement

We do a digital health check where we investigate public social media accounts connected to a profile or brand.

This includes shares of fake followers and any suspicious audience engagement.

Collaborations With Other Brands and Products

To estimate the commercial value of a potential collaboration we provide an overview of previous collaborations.

If content still exists online we provide a visual overview.

Criticism and Negative Attention

To make sure you find a good match we collect criticism and negative attention related to a profile or brand.

Previous sentiment gives you insight into how a profile might be viewed by your target audience.

Previous Sensitive Statements and Activities

We provide an overview of previous statements and activities by the profile or brand that could be inconsistent with the values you and your audience share.

This gives you an understanding of potential risks or media questions to prepare for ahead of time.

Consistency Towards Your Brand Values and Code of Conduct

If you share your brand values, codes of conduct, or casting guidelines we will investigate any inconsistencies.

Use this as a tool to keep your brand authentic and consistent and your reputation intact.

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